the Key to the Right Management Decisions Microsoft Power BI

It helps monitoring the business situation and getting immediate answers to the questions by using comprehensive dashboards available on each device.

Microsoft Power BI

A set of tools interacting with each other to turn disparate data sources into structured information, visual information into interactive analytical data to provide valuable practical information and increase business efficiency.
Independent and corporate analytics.
The possibility to discover hidden useful practical information in the data and achieve strategically important business results.
Intelligent tools to obtain reliable results.
Intelligent tools to obtain reliable results.
Working with data at a professional level, applicable to all roles at all management levels.
New AI features that were first applied in Azure, and now they are available in Power BI and do not require any code writing.
Connecting to any data.
Reliable data protection.
Access from any device.
Power BI service
Power BI service
For everyone who works in a team, it analyses data and makes management decisions.
Power BI desktop
Power BI desktop
For those who work with data.
Power BI mobile app
Power BI mobile app
For those who need quick access to up-to-date analytical information.

Microsoft Power BI Solution Customer Profile

Top management
  • Full up-to-date information
  • Constant access to critical indicators
  • Convenience of visual reports
Ready-made reports for departments
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • HR
  • IT
IT department
  • Easy to manage
  • High performance
  • Integration with more than 10 popular services and data sources
Reports for industries
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • Air Transportation
  • Production
  • Professional Services
  • Consumer Goods
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy
  • Online analytics
  • High speed of obtaining analytics
  • Ease of performing complex calculations
Solution templates
  • Sales management in Dynamics CRM
  • Sales management for Salesforce

Functionality of Microsoft Power BI

The system has the following functionality:
End-to-end data protection in Power BI reports, analytics dashboards, and datasets
More than 120 different connectors with software products (Google DV360, Salesforce and others)
End-to-end integration with Microsoft technologies (Teams, Sharepoint and others)
Easy exchange of reports and customized analytics dashboards
Can be placed in the internal infrastructure and in the cloud
Free mobile app
Free app for making reports
Ability to scale from the level of individual employees to the level of the entire organization
Hundreds of data visualizations, built-in AI features, close integration with Excel
Ability to design reports with tools for theme customization, formatting and layout creation in accordance with corporate standards
Gathering information from any data sources
Developing and modeling of company’s formulas, metrics, indicators and KPIs to monitor and analyze the necessary business management parameters
Interactive visualization in a graphic form
Granting separate access rights for employees
Automatic system notification of responsible employees when critical values in specified KPIs are reached